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Friendship Messages

At times, the moments we share with our friends are more colorful than rainbow colors and such moments are worth keeping in evergreen land of memories. More important is reminding your loved friends how much you treasure them. Below are flowery words that will make your friends think about you endlessly. Remember, friendship must never be buried, come what may, especially under the weight of misunderstanding.

Have you not realized that life without friendship is like the sky without the sun, more like years under an eclipsed sun? Friendship is more than sharing a cup of coffee, jokes or mere conversation; you need to share true part of you with someone who cares.

Are you thinking about how to express your deeply felt sense of friends-worth? Do you want to visit a friend and remind him of his value to you and are stuck on what to write to clearly let him understand your deepest thoughts? Take your time; there are lots of sweet and lovely friendly messages that will get your friends to like you more. Remember, when you meet him as a stranger and took him as a friend, would you not take your friendship to where it will never end?

friendship messages and sayings on best friend

Friendship Messages

  • At times in life, the rhythm goes out of tune, but so far as I have you, my best friend, to offer the melody, the music will never end.
  • When times are hard, I look around and there is no one left. I resort to gazing at the stars because they were my friends until I met you; I realized that stars still fall on earth.
  • Welcome my friend, my life is an open door where my heart dwells?morning or night, time is no object when it comes to you?my life is a palace for you to dwell.
  • I will lock you up in my heart like a diamond and throw away the key to prevent anybody from taking you away from me because you are a special friend.
  • You are not like the rain which sheets down even in torrents and disappear; you are like the air, though silent at times, you are always around, I am fortunate to have you, my friend.
  • Every morning in the rays of the sun, I see the steel of our friendship glazing like a diamond. It's wonderful to have a friend like you.
  • Friendship is a gift beyond price. It can never be bought or sold. Even more priceless than gold is having an understanding friend; that special friend is you. I love and will always keep you at the core of my heart.
  • As long as there is life, memories keep yesterday alive, hope the substance of tomorrow, but with your friendship, each day is worthwhile.
  • When I taste your friendship, you are sweeter than honey, more precious than a gift wrapped in ribbons of love; your smile is sunshine in my darkest hour; you are a gift for eternity.
  • Promising to be your friend for eternity may be impossible; I will be your friend for as long as I live.
  • You are a friend forever, the times I shared with you?short and fulfilling moments are like shooting stars that live their everlasting prints on our hearts.
  • I have for you: loving thoughts, fresh flowers and prayers to brighten your moments.
  • Good friendship is formed on either of the two bases: to respect dissimilarities and to discover similarities. Our friendship is formed on the two foundations.
  • The distance between us does not exist not because we are not far apart, but because our hearts are always together even when we are miles away.
  • Keeping you forever is a promise because I won't be what I am today without you.
  • My daily thoughts are brief but when I dwell on them, they are nothing but thoughts of you and the moments we shared together.
  • Every day we win and lose things, but one thing is sure? we will never lose our friendship, but keep it for ages.
  • The rain will fall when the cloud is thick, dry leaves will fall in the face of strong wind; so I cannot resist friendship because life with you is all paradise.
  • Your smile is brightness in my darkest moments; I treasure you as a never-ending friend.
  • If only I could reach the rainbow, I will pull it and write our friendship on it and place it on the sky for all to see how I value you and how richly colorful my life is with you.
  • Truth and lies may come to kill and give life to everything we do every day, keep in mind that true friendship survives all odds; even though we may change and wander, I will always value you and keep you close to my heart.
  • Dear, I give importance to you not because I'm always free; understand that I make myself available for us every time that our friendship may survive the odds of reality of life.
  • I will show you the true worth of our friendship in my own ways; you may never know and perhaps I may never show in some other ways.
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