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Birthday Gift Ideas

Is your birthday around the corner? Or are you looking out for special birthday gifts for someone special in your life? Whether it is first birthday for a new born baby or birthday of your relative or any of your friends, birthdays are meant to enjoy and have fun. It is the day to make the birthday guy or gal free special. You can do this by gifting them some creative birthday gifts which becomes memorable. For all age groups, you have to think about the age first and then buy something unique. Below given are some unique birthday gift ideas that can help you in deciding:

Birthday Gift Ideas

List Of Birthday Gift Ideas

  • 1st birthday gift ideas - CUTE TOYS
    The first birthday is an excitement for all and is celebrated in big way. So you need some special and cute birthday gift for a special baby. For a baby girl, it can be a beautiful doll with accessories and for a baby boy, it can be big teddy bear.
  • 2nd birthday gift ideas – Special Clothes
    On the baby’s second birthday, make the child feel special by gifting the baby boy or baby girl with beautiful clothing. It can be a cute frock for baby girl and denim pants for baby boy.
  • 3rd Birthday gift ideas – Building block toys
    At the age of three, the child starts building awareness. He or she likes making and developing something as he or she can put his or her mind at work. So, gift a building block kit to the kid as by this age children start developing fascination for toys.
  • 4th Birthday gift ideas – Bicycle
    The fourth birthday can be a surprise birthday gift by giving a kids bicycle as by this age kids love riding on a cycle or kids toy car.
  • 5th Birthday gift ideas – Creative or educational game set
    A child starts growing by the age of five, therefore, some gift ideas can be creative games for kids.
  • 6th Birthday gift ideas – Love for Books begin
    The child loves to see pictures in books which can add to his or her knowledge. A best birthday gift in this year is some educational book or reading material as kids by this age start going to play schools.
  • 7th Birthday – Fashionable dresses
    The seventh birthday gift can be some delicate dresses as kids develop a taste of dressing by this age.
  • 8th Birthday gift ideas – Fashionable accessories
    The child whether it is boy or girl develops a sense of fashion awareness by this age. The eight birthday gift for girls can be girlish accessories like earrings and anklets and for boys; it can be football shirt or some pendant.
  • 9th Birthday – Story books
    Kids of this age have started reading books. They love to read short story books, so one can choose good authors for the kids.
  • 10th Birthday gift ideas – Yummy chocolates
    Some gift suggestions for the tenth birthday include chocolates or jellies for young one who are nearing the age of teens.
  • 11th Birthday gift ideas – Beautiful watch
    Recommended gift ideas for the eleventh birthday include watch as this age children become aware of timings and wish to look like adults.
  • 12th Birthday gift ideas – Creative gifts
    Children of this age love store items. The twelfth birthday gift can be something special but something creative and unique like photo frames, candle stands and etc.
  • 13th Birthday gift ideas – Grown-up cycle
    This age kids start moving with their friends in the evenings. Suggested gift ideas include adult cycle as kids love to drive down the lane along with other friends,.
  • 14th Birthday gift ideas – Romantic Story books or novels
    By this age, we expect kids to reach sensible teen age. Gifting them can be anything from romantic story books to night suits or big pillows for their rooms.
  • 15th Birthday gift ideas – Fashion jewelry
    A child reaches proper teens age by this time. So they become crazy for junk and fashionable jewelry. The best birthday gift ideas for both boys and girls can be jewelry items like pendant, earrings or fashionable watch.

Apart from these, there are many other gifts for birthday which you can choose from. Kids birthday gifts have plethora of options which are based on the age and sex of the child. Money should not be brought into consideration while you are buying gift for your loved one as there are many options for cheap birthday gifts available which can fulfill your purpose of expressing love.