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Cute Halloween Sayings

Appeal to the nature of children this Halloween with cute Halloween sayings. This Halloween season does not have to be all about scares and screams thanks to the adorable nature of friendly ghosts and cuddly, black kittens. We provide a great list of cute Halloween sayings for you and your little ones.

Cute Halloween Sayings

Cute Halloween Sayings

  • Happiness is never having to say, "May I eat your brains now or later?" Happy Halloween to you!
  • You know why they say "tremble with fear"? Because a person needs a reason to tremble.
  • I fear that Halloween is upon us. But spending the night with that special someone will keep your brain intact and your neck unbitten.
  • Crazier things have happened on Halloween, but what's crazier is not having fun at all.
  • Going to a vampire's party is a great Halloween idea. You can have Bloody Marys, featuring actual blood from women named Mary.
  • The undead likes to party too. Remember that the next time a zombie stops by for a snack. You're allowed a plus-one.
  • Be whatever comes to mind this Halloween. Unique costumes cut down on the awkward pauses at parties when two people are wearing the same thing.
  • If your house is haunted, it doesn't hurt to make the ghost a sandwich. All that spooking around works up an appetite.
  • Halloween is actually like Valentine's Day. Without horror, there would be no drama. And without drama, there would be no romance.
  • Fear is something that everyone experiences at least once, and twice on Halloween.

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