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Funny Christmas wishes

Christmas is a season of laughter and gift-sharing. Besides, it's all about wrapping and unwrapping of gifts, watching a jolly fatty dad with flying reindeer sharing gifts. Imagine how happy you wife or husband will feel if you write "I love you dear" on a paper and place them inside different ten small boxes of varying sizes, each box wrapped with red ribbons and pack into a beautiful basket and presented to him/her in the morning as Christmas gift. What do you think will be the reaction each time (s)he opens a box hoping for the surprising gift?

There is no doubt that Christmas is a period of laughter. The best way to get people laughing is to send funny Christmas messages that can keep memories of joy and laughter in the minds. Below are some of the funniest Christmas wishes you can send to your friends and families.

Funny Christmas wishes

List of funny Christmas wishes

  • One beautiful and memorable way to have a white Christmas is to forget that you're in a Christmas season. Merry Christmas.
  • I wish you the wonders of this Christmas― that the magic of the season makes all your savings so limited that you wish it's celebrated daily.
  • I wish you love in loneliness, peace in trouble and white Christmas but if your white wine goes out, resort to red. Merry Christmas.
  • Wrap your Christmas gift well. If you wrap your friend's Christmas gift in a paper bearing "Happy Birthday," just add " To Jesus."
  • In this Christmas season, keep all things in the right view. Or let your credit card brings its limit to bear.
  • Let the kids learn some Christmas carol; it's just sane that they can't sing and go begging for gift-toys at the same time.
  • As a kid, I love the feelings that my dad was the Santa, but I get scared figuring out how he made it to all the neighbours' houses in a night.
  • I wish you a Christmas without relatives, at least you won't get scary of credit card bills.
  • If you want to have a lovely Christmas, make sure you spend more time unwrapping gifts than you would untangling Christmas lights.
  • If you want to have a happy Christmas, avoid going to the mall after December 20th.
  • Do you know the most amazing thing about being a kid? You simply won't pay for your Christmas gifts.
  • Women often don't want to discover on Christmas dawn that their stockings belong to their husbands. Make them do it anyway. Merry Christmas.
  • If you want to discover who your husband or wife is, watch how (s)he tangles Christmas tree light.
  • Are you a grown up? Hope you'll feel good when all you desire on Christmas is no longer in the store.
  • Are you worried about the size of your Christmas tree? Relax, it's only 30 feet tall in the eyes of all children.
  • If you wake up only to realise that none of your Christmas expectations is met, just believe that Christmas is nothing but a state of the mind.
  • Christmas is a season of love and laughter only when all our gifts are brought in wraps of red ribbon. Merry Christmas.
  • The best way to enjoy this Christmas is to enjoy it after all; though, the next Christmas is just 12 months away. Would you wait?
  • If you open your eyes and discover that you are in a sack, remain calm; after all, many people would have asked Santa for a lovely friend like you.
  • Christmas is often for children; it could be a joyful moment for adult only when the credit card bills are on the table.
  • I wish you wealth in nothingness and love in loneliness; When you have nothing to celebrate the Christmas, just believe that the next knock at your door belongs to Santa.
  • Santa has the best trick for an amazing Christmas; visit your friends once in a year.
  • Christmas is not just a season to visit everyone in their homes; it's also a time to weigh their sizes. Merry Christmas.
  • I wish you a merry and fun-filled Christmas but never become an obstacle between your kids and their gifts.
  • I want to give the best Christmas gift. Please, where can I buy a box of love?
  • I'm sure you weigh three times my weight; Santa has a Christmas wish for you: lose weight.
  • I wish Santa flies to my home today; most times I fall asleep waiting to receive his gifts.
  • You know why Santa is always at your door every Christmas? Because he knows where naughty boys and girls hide. Marry Christmas.
  • From every corner of our heart and home, may the warmth and laughter of the Christmas season bring us fulfilment.

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