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Halloween Tombstone Sayings

Find the perfect sayings for your tombstone decorations with our Halloween tombstone sayings. Make your Halloween perfect for friends, family and neighbors with some truly spooky and spectacular decorations. You will have the most unique tombstones in town thanks to our great Halloween sayings. There are plenty to choose from.

Halloween Tombstone Sayings

List Of Halloween Tombstone Sayings

  • Maybe it was those meddling kids after all. Who knew?
  • All I wanted was a sandwich, and look where that got me. Maybe they've got pastrami in Heaven.
  • Life is fleeting, life is short. That's what I thought, until I croaked.
  • My girlfriend told me it wouldn't hurt. Serves me right for dating a 22 year old.
  • Here lies Mr. Jones. The ghouls will be feasting on his bones.
  • Here lies Persephone Isis. Done in by her ex-husband's mid-life crisis.
  • Did you really think using a saw for that was a good idea?
  • Here lies Dracula…until dusk. Until then, you can contact his voicemail.
  • Here lies Joe from Poplar Bluff. Died while chomping on a pizza puff.
  • I don't want beer. I just hope I get laid in Hell.
  • Here lies the body of Mark Neesom. Smothered to death by a busty threesome.
  • If I wanted a dirtnap, I would've just gone to sleep in the desert.
  • I suppose I'm the treasure that's been buried now.
  • If you look closely at this tombstone, you won't see what's coming behind you.
  • Here lies a famous magician. There are no more tricks up his sleeve—only ants.
  • Here lies a famous chef. I guess he's the main course now.
  • Even now, I'm being Rickrolled.
  • It was either this or listen to every song in existence with Auto-Tune.

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