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Funny happy birthday wishes

Birthday is not just a special moment of thanksgiving in the life of a celebrant, but also such a moment when one gets older and wiser with New Year, new things and places that ache. It is also a time to have parties, eat cakes and behave like a child where friends wear birthday caps playing and exchanging funny jokes.

Funny Happy Birthday wishes messages

It surprises to know that one realizes that he gets older when candles cost more than cakes. And when it comes to sending good wishes to birthday-celebrating friends, convention shows that most birthday messages and wishes more often than not tend towards emotional and deeply-felt messages while hardly a few of the messages make you laugh. There is no doubt that a great aspect of any birthday celebration is the sharing of funny and comical jokes that will flood the air with laughter and smiles. If you are interested in those funny birthday messages that will turn the humorous page you desire, read on.

Funny happy birthday wishes

  • The precious jewel I will give you on your birthday is: flash your white teeth while you still have them.
  • A genuine friend keeps your birthday but minds less of your age. Happy birthday.
  • To stay young, live without regrets, eat healthy and importantly lie about your birthday.
  • You have no option but to grow old; it’s up to you to grow up.
  • On your birthday, I have for you a basketful of joy; though you are very old, I have a toy as your birthday gift.
  • On this great day of your life, you are as old as you behave. Happy birthday.
  • May your future be bright; leave your past alone because you can’t change it. As for your present, I have none for you. Happy birthday.
  • We are aware you are fast growing old because the only thing you want is never to be reminded of it. Happy Birthday.
  • Enjoy your birthday with more cakes because that’s what today means to you.
  • What is more at stake at this great moment of your life than loss of sight, flexibility, loss of memory and hearing? Be happy.
  • Rejoice for marking this great day and be grateful that it comes only once a year, imagine how old you would be if it comes every month.
  • You can be childish for a life time; you can be young only but once.
  • Is this heat from the sun or is it from the candles on your cake?
  • You are still at it again; forgotten that too many birthdays kill? Happy birthday
  • It’s nice to be young, healthy and energetic; remember that once you clock 41, you begin to lose your memory.
  • May you survive many years as long as you desire to enjoy life.
  • May you grow old to an age of no teeth.
  • As you blow out your candles, my birthday gift to you is the alert I sent to the fire department.
  • Since the good is believed to die young, you must be a very bad old guy.
  • Smile now for it could be worse when you are ten years older. Happy birthday.
  • My birthday wish for you is a bigger cake since there are countless candles on this small cake
  • They say a bosom friend keeps your birthday, not your age in mind. I remember both. Happy birthday.
  • Quit counting the number of candles on your cake and concentrate on your wishes; your best is yet to come.
  • The only reason you are scared about your birthday is not just because friends offer you ancient gifts with birthday cards carrying scary messages, but because you are getting older.
  • The younger you make effort to look, the older you actually appear.
  • So many famous folks were born on your birthday; it’s so sad you aren’t one of them. Happy birthday.
  • Wisdom comes with age; you must the wisest of all.
  • More often than not people of your age flares when they are referred to as old man. Happy birthday old man.
  • Wisdom is a sign of old age, but you have no sign of aging.
  • All things that go up come down but your age.
  • When a man has a birthday, he takes a day off, but when a woman has a birthday, she takes a year off.

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