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Graduation sayings

Tell a graduate that you know congratulations with graduation congratulations wishes, sayings, and messages. Graduating symbolizes a step toward a new phase in a person’s life. Let that person know just how much you care and how much this chapter in their life means to you with heartfelt love and wishes.

Graduation messages

Graduation sayings

  • Happy graduation and hold on, yesterday’s student! There is no way back!
  • We are not just happy for your graduation, we are deliriously happy! Congratulations!
  • Good results are attained through a hard work. Happy graduation, dear!
  • You have walked a long way toward this goal but you have successfully managed. Happy graduation!
  • To graduate is a little bit sad but there are a lot of beautiful things out there and you’ll enjoy them all. Happy graduation!
  • How does it feel being on the top of the world, graduate? Congratulations!
  • We knew that you were gifted, we just didn’t know that it is that much! Congratulations on your graduation!
  • I wasn’t sure you are going to make it but you surprised us all and you did it great! Congratulations!
  • The graduation day is a happy event. Thank you for making it happier, dear, and congratulations!
  • You might think today that the worst is behind you. In fact, it is not. These were probably the best and happiest years of your life. Congratulations, anyway!
  • What can I say? Happy graduation! Well done! And keep it up!
  • Happy graduation, dear…, there are so many things you’ll experience for the first time and they are all waiting for you!
  • When you do your best and you really try, the results are excellent and you are the living proof of that. Congratulations!
  • When you start school, you think you’ll never graduate. When you graduate, you think that you’ll never be a student again. And although the latter is true, congratulations!
  • Congratulations, dear…! You’ve really done yourself! Congratulations!
  • Although there are more challenges expecting for you, you have closed this chapter successfully. Congratulations!
  • You have already opened a new page and we hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Congratulations on your graduation!
  • Now we realize that being in seventh heaven can be real. Congratulations, graduate!
  • Congratulations on your more than successful graduation! Well done, dear…!
  • You worked hard, you were so devoted to your goals and you achieved high results. Congratulations, dear!

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