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Wedding Card Sayings

Deliver wedding card messages and greetings to your friends, family and loved ones so they know just how much their marriage means to you. A marriage is a once in a lifetime occasion that is meant to be cherished for all time. Convey your thoughts and happiness at the couple’s union with unique messages.

Wedding Card Sayings

List Of Wedding Card Sayings

  • Marriages are the blessings of God to humans. He made it to happen, you jut need to stay at right time and turn to make it happen. There may be twists and turns, but if you got trust and love for each other, you going to live a dreamed life. It’s all about living in the end and one can’t sustain for long without a companion. So be good partners and love the hatred among you two. Long live your marriage.
  • To both of you and wishing you the happiness and joys your marriage has brought. May your special day bring you many loving moments to share; moments you’ll memorize long after the day has passed. May the long years of your marriage, fill your lives with love and happiness. Wishes you both a generation of love, happiness and enjoyment.
  • It’s not always about love. It’s the space you give each other to live. Life is beautiful if you make right decisions at right time and this is the best decision you both ever made. You were born for each other and I pray you stay together in ultimate love. Happy long living married life.
  • You don’t need to be in love to marry. Just try to love your bride because I don’t think you are going to have another chance. So just stay put and tries to stay with your wife too! I know it’s difficult but it’s worth a shot dude. Love you both. You’ve completed your life today. Wish you have a wonderful beginning, and lovely ending of the lifetime staying together always.
  • In your smiles, all the affection and fun, all the kindness, love and joy of a cherished friendship. In your hearts, all the contact and care, all the gentleness and care of a romantic life. In your marriage, all the harmony and trust, all the power and assurance of a love that grows stronger and more beautiful with the passing years. Congratulations to both of you.
  • On your marriage I can’t select a gift for you but I got words to say you happy married life. Be with each other in odds and even. It’s the contract of life time with a certification for start of new generation. May your kids be proud of your journey through life and even memorize you after death. Congratulation, and have a long loving life and wife.
  • Here's wishing from me to both of you. May your each new day finds your hearts closer, your lives fuller and your love deeper. It’s the time to make you two proud partners of lifelong journey and blossoms you with beautiful kids. Congratulations on your new life together. Wishing you a beautiful life together.
  • We are praying that God guides you in your new journey. May God full your life with blessings and love. We are delighted to be involved on your wedding day, and want to see what the future holds for you two. We know that you will be a lucky to each other and to those who you meet throughout your lives. Congratulations.
  • For special people who are now a couple. May your wedding time be a good time, all the prosperity may brought into your lives and all the joy that still lies ahead be with you forever. May this be the happy start of a wonderful life together? Wishing you with happiness and love that will always stays with you. Hope you have a superb life together as husband and wife.
  • Life is short contract and love is like a rose. May your life be a lovely contract to you two and your future generations? Best wishes to a sweat couple on this special day. God has made you for each other and may the love planted in you grows deeper, stronger, and more beautiful, encourage by God’s blessing and warmth. Congratulations and have a happy married life.
  • Life is short and usually person got married once in lifetime so spending as a lot as you possibly can on your wedding seems like that great of an idea. But it should be considered that finances are one of the most popular topics for couples to fight about. May the wealth, health and love stays with you for times to come and you never become poor in all the senses of life. Congratulation.
  • There are lots of happenings in life no lovelier happening than getting married. It is the most friendly and delightful relationship among all. There is no better relationship or company than a good partner. May this be a happy beginning of your wonderful life. Best wishes and good luck for future of you two together.
  • Marriage is the most beautiful union of two people that holds the promise of not being alone anymore. It doesn’t only promises your future but joins the future of another person with you. Hope, joy and faith is all what a couple needs. I wish you both can manage yourself and be the ideal partners. Live dreamed life and have a happily ever after too.
  • With lots of love and joy, I beg to say that I am very happy for you two. I have spend some lovely times with you both and I always thought why both of you are not one in a soul. And here is the happening, the happening of the lifetime. I am glad that I am alive and part of your happiness. You made me proud dudes. Congratulation and lots of hugs. Sincerely yours.
  • Your life is about to change. May the love prevails among two of you and strengthen the friendship and respect among you. You are made for each other and this is the day you reached to a combine destiny. May you grow understanding and respect for each other as the years go on. Have a happy marriage and beautiful partnership among you produce a sensational generation.
  • My deep and hearty congratulations to the bride and the groom. May God showers his blessings on both of you and you have a superb married life. With lots of love, kisses and hugs I want to show my honest gratitude to both of you. You looked great together and I want you two be a part of each other forever. Congrats and lots of love kisses, hugs and love for you two.
  • It’s a compliment to be your friend and it’s a great honor to be the bride’s maid. I cant express my feelings now but you both look awesome together. I’ve always prayed for you as a sincere and long lasting friend and I also hope you don’t forget me after marriage. It’s the experience of lifetime and evergreen memories to hold on. Congratulation and lots of love for you both.
  • Be happy, good luck, congratulation, peace, fortune, hope, and what and what not. All these words can’t explain my happiness for your marriage. From childhood to adult we’ve been together and I never even for a second thought that I will weep on your marriage. But these are tears of joy and happiness I feel and hope you two experience in your married life. Always yours and be for each other.
  • Spring blossoms throughout the town but your marriage gave it the fragrance. Birds flying around but your wedding gave them the new heights. Smiles all around but your marriage make them laughers, laughter’s of hope, joy and expectations that both of you will go along in all the aspects of life as a roads to destiny. These words mean nothing if you can’t make a feel of each other. A feel of life, love and hope. Congratulations.

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