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Birthday Poems

Find out here unique Birthday poems.. Make the birthday even more special with a birthday poem greetings and wishes.

Birthday Poems

Birthday Poems

  • Happy Birthday to you dear...

    Millions of angels envying you
    for the loving soul you are
    that I know is true.
    For once, God must be feeling happy for his creation
    And I know its true.
    What do I wish on your special day?
    For a change, I'd want to express my love
    and overwhelm you just like you always do,
    make your day happy, and make your day bright
    like you always do.
    May the gazillion of stars dance to the Birthday song …Happy Birthday to you……
  • -----------------------------------------
  • Happy Birthday to Best Friend

    To a friend who’s always true,
    There for me through and through.
    There are not enough kind words to say,
    And I hope you have a special day.
    So now I am wishing you,
    A very magical and happy birthday.
  • -----------------------------------------
  • Happy Birthday to Brother

    You are my beloved brother,
    A boy who is like no other.
    So lucky to have you in my life,
    Through all the good times and the strife.
    Happy birthday to the best bro ever,
    I’ll be here for you forever.
  • -----------------------------------------
  • Happy Birthday to Sister

    A sister is a special thing,
    A friendship filled with love.
    Always there through everything,
    Someone you are proud of.
    A birthday is a day to share,
    All the joys and show you care.
    May all your wishes come true.

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