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Wedding Day Poems

Give an extra special couple something to remember you by with wedding poems. Wedding poems go above and beyond a simple greeting card or note. They give the couple something to hold on to for all the years of their lives together. Choose the right wedding poem to give to a couple you know just to show you care.

Wedding Day Poems

Wedding Day Poems

  • To our dear new couple what can we say?
    To have the happiest live all your friends pray
    But we do not. Really, if you take all
    the rest of us will have nothing at all.
    So we decided to wish you life
    So full of problems that you can strive
    against, a lot of difficulties to overcome,
    and satisfaction for years to come.
    Since if you don’t win these battles of life,
    You won’t be happy, you just won’t jive.
    But we are certain you will prevail
    And you will find your Holy Grail.
  • -----------------------------------------
  • We wish you both long life in consent
    whatever happens, try not to break.
    No matter sometimes how hard it seems,
    You don’t give up and follow your dreams.
    Together is always easier to fight,
    Never forget that and stay unite,
    You know that happiness in everywhere:
    in dreams, in flowers, in music, and air.
    So find it together and share your joy,
    Find your own way life to enjoy
    Since now stay together, our dear groom and bride,
    Be happy, be joyful side by side.
  • -----------------------------------------
  • Today on your wedding day you are allowed to cry
    But later you are not, do not even try,
    Since a great future for you now is reserved
    Sooner or later you’ll get what you deserve.
    Your happy marriage by God is blessed,
    So love each other without any rest,
    Be for each other the only joy
    What you get now try not to destroy
    And you’ll be rewarded – through foul and fair
    You’ll have your life with no despair,
    Since nothing can beat the greatest love,
    since greatest love is from above.
  • -----------------------------------------
  • Our dearest friends, remain true to the oath
    From this day forward have each other and hold,
    for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health,
    your love for each other is your best wealth.
    Count on each other, on each other rely,
    When love is strong enough, it cannot die.
    Love’s far more enduring than you’ve been told.
    It can beat anything since it is bold.
    Whatever happens it will prevail
    It is as beautiful as fairy tail
    True love is stronger even than steel,
    Anything is possible when love is real.
  • -----------------------------------------
  • From this day on with the partner you choose
    Your sense of humour you never lose,
    And if you listen to your friends advice
    Everything is going to be very nice.
    Our dearest bride, in your future life
    don’t make your husband to grab a knife.
    And the advice to our dearest groom
    is: don’t make your wife to ride on broom.
    And if you take the advice of your friend,
    Your happiness then will never end,
    And if you smile all fears away
    everyday will be a holyday.

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